Have you ever just seen “that look” in someone’s eyes, and known that they are madly, deeply and passionately in love? From the first time that the bride’s eyes spotted her groom, and the moment that he rested his eyes upon her beauty, you could see the passion and fire that unite Wole and Ronke. Their love was obviously as vibrant and rich as the purples and golds that decorated their beautiful celebration.

Wole and Ronke were married in a beautiful ceremony, with traditional Nigerian elements, at Kings Court Chapel in Roswell. Their gorgeous, and funky-fresh, reception followed at the KTN Ballroom in Duluth.

Not only does this family know love, they know how to get down on the dance floor. Wole and Ronke led the evening with their beautiful and romantic first dance as a couple, followed by a party that couldn’t be beat. As the DJ worked his magic I caught the happy couple out on the dance floor with the groom paying particular attention to the bride’s “assets.” They weren’t the only ones having fun though, the dance floor was jumping.

This beautiful celebration was full of color, pride, family, friends, smiles, laughter and joy. It was also the beginning of something wonderful; a love that is grounded in culture and tradition, fed by passion and fire, and supported by family and friends. May Wole and Ronke experience a lifetime of love as beautiful and fun as their rich and unique wedding day.

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