Sometimes, the opportunity presents itself to move beyond the everyday. This happened to me recently when I was asked to work on a fashion shoot, complete with a stylist, make-up artist, and professional models. I was able to step outside of my normal routine and play around a bit more than usual.

As a wedding photographer, I am used to getting those awesome, capture-the-moment shots, but at weddings you shoot under pressure, with a time crunch. I have one opportunity to grab that perfect shot that the bride will cherish for a lifetime. It requires honed instincts, natural talent, and my years of experience. Working with these models was different. I was able to take my time, experiment, study how the light dances for the camera.

We shot in downtown Atlanta, on Peter’s street and surrounding locations. The setting allowed me to play with shapes and architecture. My job is to make people look beautiful. That is what I do every day, so I could relegate that task to the back of my mind, knowing that it would come naturally, and concentrate on adding “pop” to the photographs through the use of natural lighting and the props and settings that surrounded me.

In the end, I came away from this shoot with some amazing images and a mind racing with new techniques and ideas to incorporate into my future wedding shoots. I am thankful for the ongoing opportunity to grow in my craft. With each new experience I find more ways to make my bride’s wedding day memories just a little bit better.

Thanks to Kari Roberts (Makeup Artist) for coordinating everything as well as Shelli Schmals (Model), Jarae Clark (Model), and Alisa Hutchinson (Wardrobe Stylist) for all your hard work!

Here are a few of the looks from the shoot!

DIN-Photography-2013-09-15-Portraits-013 DIN-Photography-2013-09-15-Portraits-039 DIN-Photography-2013-09-15-Portraits-049 DIN-Photography-2013-09-15-Portraits-103 DIN-Photography-2013-09-15-Portraits-119 DIN-Photography-2013-09-15-Portraits-170 DIN-Photography-2013-09-15-Portraits-201 DIN-Photography-2013-09-15-Portraits-217 DIN-Photography-2013-09-15-Portraits-259 DIN-Photography-2013-09-15-Portraits-287 DIN-Photography-2013-09-15-Portraits-319 DIN-Photography-2013-09-15-Portraits-377 DIN-Photography-2013-09-15-Portraits-397 DIN-Photography-2013-09-15-Portraits-402