What is cuter than a pregnant mommy?  Well, maybe the coming baby, but you will have to wait a few months for those little smiles.  Congratulations to Razz and Lydia, who are expecting their first baby girl in January!  We photographed her adorable six-month-pregnant belly in the Howell Mill area and Piedmont Park.

The love and joy that Razz and Lydia share for each other just jumps out of these photographs.  It was so wonderful to see the beautiful relationship that this little baby girl will be born into.  We captured cuddles, conversations, and a lot of laughs.

One of the great things about their relationship is how they support each other in their individuality.  Lydia is not only a beautiful mother-to-be, she is one hot mama, and the looks on Razz’s face make it clear that he thinks so too.  I also love the confidence and strength that come through so clearly in the poses of Razz.  His swagger will no doubt make him the most stylish daddy on the block.

When it comes down to it though, it’s all about the baby.  In a few years, there will be a little girl looking through these pictures, and knowing that she was loved before she was even born.  Baby feet, baby bows, and baby love.

Razz-Lydia-Maternity-006 Razz-Lydia-Maternity-009 Razz-Lydia-Maternity-014 Razz-Lydia-Maternity-016 Razz-Lydia-Maternity-029 Razz-Lydia-Maternity-046 Razz-Lydia-Maternity-052 Razz-Lydia-Maternity-061 Razz-Lydia-Maternity-064 Razz-Lydia-Maternity-067 Razz-Lydia-Maternity-073 Razz-Lydia-Maternity-095 Razz-Lydia-Maternity-143 Razz-Lydia-Maternity-169 Razz-Lydia-Maternity-179 Razz-Lydia-Maternity-195 Razz-Lydia-Maternity-209 Razz-Lydia-Maternity-212 Razz-Lydia-Maternity-232 Razz-Lydia-Maternity-238 Razz-Lydia-Maternity-247 Razz-Lydia-Maternity-270 Razz-Lydia-Maternity-281 Razz-Lydia-Maternity-317 Razz-Lydia-Maternity-329 Razz-Lydia-Maternity-363 Razz-Lydia-Maternity-378 Razz-Lydia-Maternity-386 Razz-Lydia-Maternity-422