The best relationships always seem to form between two strong individuals. It’s as if their independence and the things that set them apart are actually, in the end, what ends up bringing them together. It’s as if the space between them gives them room to grow into who they were always meant to be. They get to experience true freedom, with the knowledge that there is always someone there to catch them if they happen to fall.

I had the pleasure of capturing some special moments in one of these relationships when I photographed Mark and Halle for their engagement session. It was a very brisk, to say the least. Here in Atlanta, we don’t often see such things as frozen fountains, but this was the day that the fountain froze. Mark and Halle braved the cold with finesse and it resulted in some amazing shots that captured their personalities perfectly.

Halle was as beautiful as the jewelry she designs (at – give it a look, it’s gorgeous), and Mark has the personality to keep up with the spirit of creativity and excitement that you can see glowing in her eyes. We did this eSession at Lure restaurant in Atlanta, then we braved the cold for a bit in the surrounding area to top off the shoot with some pictures that are overflowing with the special energy and love these two share.

 Mark-Halle-Engagement-0002 Mark-Halle-Engagement-0009 Mark-Halle-Engagement-0024 Mark-Halle-Engagement-0036 Mark-Halle-Engagement-0048 Mark-Halle-Engagement-0087 Mark-Halle-Engagement-0088 Mark-Halle-Engagement-0104 Mark-Halle-Engagement-0122 Mark-Halle-Engagement-0141 Mark-Halle-Engagement-0146 Mark-Halle-Engagement-0163 Mark-Halle-Engagement-0168 Mark-Halle-Engagement-0180 Mark-Halle-Engagement-0185 Mark-Halle-Engagement-0193 Mark-Halle-Engagement-0206 Mark-Halle-Engagement-0210 Mark-Halle-Engagement-0222 Mark-Halle-Engagement-0269 Mark-Halle-Engagement-0271 Mark-Halle-Engagement-0275 Mark-Halle-Engagement-0279 Mark-Halle-Engagement-0290 Mark-Halle-Engagement-0300 Mark-Halle-Engagement-0312