Started by a Georgia teen in 2010, Nepal House is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing the kidnapping, abuse and sex trafficking of girls in Pokhara, Nepal. This organization runs a school that combines therapy, counseling, education, and life skills in addition to providing food, clothing and medical care.

I had the privilege of capturing the behind-the-scenes preparation and gained an even greater appreciation for the amount of detail that goes into the elaborate ensembles of Bharatanatyam performers. Their performances were as stimulating to the ear as they were to the eye!

Natya Dhaara – Center for Performing Arts, in collaboration with, Nepal House presents:
A Traditional and Innovative Presentation of the Bharatanatyam Repertoire and Musical Presentation:
Vocal: Neil Sharma; Flute: G.S. Rajan; Tabla: Anjaneya Sastry

For more information on Nepal House, visit:
Nepal House – US Chapter /

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